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Today is the second day of January 2020. The year is young and fresh, yet I don’t feel it. A friend asked why I did not celebrate Christmas nor the arrival of year 2020.

Well friend, I believe life is a continuum (a continuation). There is no difference between yesterday and today, and tomorrow. The difference only exists if I believe it does. In reality time does not exist in minutes and seconds. Mankind has created batches of time (defined time) to try understand his existence. What we call 1 year is simply the 365 days it takes for the earth to make a complete revolution around the sun. If you were to count from 30th August to 29th August, it would still be a year. For all purposes, the New Year could start and end anywhere within this 365 day cycle. Time is endless, from the beginning of time till the end. There are no stops in between. YOU are the one who starts living and stops living.

There really is no January, no February and no year 2020. All these things we have created as mankind to add meaning to our lives. We have created weeks, months and years to try and make sense of our existence.

To understand that time is a continuation, you find no noticeable difference in you the day before your birthday and the day after your birthday. Just because you are 29 today and 30 tomorrow does not make a difference in you. It only means you have moved around the sun 30 times!

You will be as old as you feel, as old as you want to be. At the same age, we are NOT equally old biologically. That’s why some people look so old at 42 while others look much younger at the same age. They may both have lived for ‘42 years’ but are not equally old in terms of physical condition. It’s like plucking two fruits and keeping one in the fridge and the other out. One will age faster despite being of same age.

We grow old every moment in a slow continuous process with passage of time. Counting months and years is not important, instead every moment is critical. We age slowly with every moment and each moment could be our last on earth in this lifetime.

Why be sad because you are alone on your birthday or have no money to celebrate the new year or Christmas, what none sense! You are alive! These ‘important dates’ are just meaningless. Do not be afraid to start something because you are too old. Do not give up because you think it is too late. For as long as you are alive, you have a moment on your hands to do what your soul cries for. It is why you are still alive.

Life itself passes by so fast. This exact moment will never come again, not in the exact same way. Every moment is your last on earth in this lifetime. Time was here before you and will continue after you. It is only YOUR lifetime that is limited. Every moment is your last.

Don’t wait for the New Year or your birthday or next week. Live now. Appreciate live every day, celebrate life every day. Today the 2nd of January is as important as the 18th of October or the 31st of July, or the 30th of December. What matters the most is that every day I try to live my purpose, that I am happy. Whether it is the 7th of August or the 22nd of December, I frankly don’t care because every moment is my last in this lifetime!

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